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New West Guitar Group with Sara Gazarek

 NWGG & Sara Gazarek

A special collaboration between New West Guitar Group and the amazing LA jazz vocalist Sara Gazarek.  Together they perform first class arrangements of jazz standards and popular songs in a dynamic and beautiful show. Gazarek's clear and swingin' voice is a wonderful addition to the New West sound.

Detour Ahead- Sara Gazarek w/ New West Guitar Group

Video New West Guitar Group & Sara Gazarek

Sara Gazarek with New West Guitar Group

Sara Gazarek

Amongst a community teaming with startlingly gifted young singers, Sara Gazarek stands out as a particularly extravagant artist. Her first four albums introduced her singular sound and vision, steeped in the tradition of jazz but deeply informed by contemporary songwriters and performers.

“Someday, Sara Gazarek is going to be respected as one of the best singers in jazz…”
Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune

Sara Gazarek’s singing is impeccable… ★★★★★
Chris Smith, Winnipeg Free Press

“..she may well turn out to be the next important jazz singer.”
Don Heckman, LA TIMES

“…get in on the secret before it ignites a wave of astonished approval from all corners…”
Mark Tucker, FAME

"'Blossom & Bee' has all the beauty, bite and superb workings of a winner. It’s as good – or better – than some recent Grammy®-nominated or winning female vocalist efforts."
Nick Mondello - Jazz Times

New West Guitar Group

Praised as “sharp and refined” by the Seattle Times, New West Guitar Group infuses their latest album "Big City" with their signature blend of laid-­back virtuosity and expert arrangements that “sometimes verge on orchestral” (All Music Guide). The album is the group’s fifth studio record and the second released on Summit Records.

"Big City" is the follow up to 2011’s critically acclaimed "Round Trip Ticket" that was described by Downbeat as ; “an open-‐spaces, sunlight-­‐dappled record that feels like it was recorded in plain air, with the three musicians surrounded by Redwoods.” This time, New West sets out to find serenity in the midst of a thriving, frenetic metropolis.

The Los Angeles based group currently includes Perry Smith, Jeff Stein and John Storie, who all share composing and arranging credits on the album. Firmly rooted in classic jazz, the trio’s versatility as both players and composers has given them a reputation as pioneers in the realm of guitar ensemble repertoire.

"Big City" fully embraces this open-­minded quality and showcases the group’s intimate understanding of a guitar’s melodic, harmonic, timbal and percussive capabilities. The sonic palette includes acoustic steel and nylon stringed instruments as well as electric guitars with ample effects, plus innovative strumming and fingerpicking techniques.

Over the years, New West Guitar Group has piled up numerous awards and accolades, and has enjoyed broad international exposure. Before they even left USC, they were the first group to receive the coveted Thornton Protégé Grant. During this same period, the Los Angeles Sister Cities Committee honored the group as musical ambassadors of L.A. – which in turn created the opportunity for them to perform at the 2005 World Expo in Nagoya, Japan, and the 2007 German-­‐American Volksfest in Berlin. They have continued to perform in major venues throughout the U.S. and Canada, Europe and Asia


"Redefining the role of the modern improvisational guitarist, The New West Guitar Group has just 
raised the bar others insist on limbo'ing under." - Brent Black, Bop n Jazz

The group’s creativity in not being afraid to stretch boundaries is a bit helping to forge a new area of music that should inspire other guitarists to expand their boundaries” 
- Vintage Guitar Magazine

"...as always with this group, it’s possible to just relax and enjoy the beautiful surfaces, and it’s rewarding to listen closely and catch the complexities underneath.”
- Rick Anderson, cdhotlist.com

"Shimmering arpeggios, collectively strummed chords...tight cracking interplay and complementary playing.
- Bill Milkowski, Downbeat Magazine

"A trio of gifted young guitarists. .the New West Guitar Group players have thoroughly
authenticated their ability to move freely and imaginatively across jazz, rock, folk and beyond.”
–  Don Heckman, International Review of Music

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