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Alexis Cole: Dazzling Blue

Alexis Cole does it again with "Dazzling Blue", the album featuring her interpretations of Paul Simon's work which are sure to leave you mesmerized. Check out the article Raul de Gama wrote about this album here and even listen to some samples below to see for yourself how captivating and beautiful Alexis Cole's take on Simon's work really is!

audio"Dazzling Blue" mp3
audio"Something So Right" mp3

Matt Baker releases new Album "Almost Blue"

Australian pianist Matt Baker has just released his highly anticipated fifth album "Almost Blue" and it's absolutely stellar! This album has beautiful dynamics, brilliant tone and astounding depth! Listen to some samples here. It features tenor saxophonist Joel Frahm, along with Luques Curtis on bass, Obed Calvaire on drums and guitarist Lage Lund. Get exclusive access and even download 7 free songs now by clicking here!

Diego Figueiredo Launches New Website

Diego Figueiredo has just unveiled his new website...and it's spectacular! Learn about the man behind the guitar as you listen to tracks from his extensive discography featuring over a dozen world renown artists. Watch him in action on his music page where he has videos that will surely amaze and inspire. Browse through photos, news and finally be sure to check out the tour dates page to see where you can catch the Brazilian guitar virtuoso in a theater near you!

The Four Freshmen Release New CD

The ever popular harmonizing jazz quartet has brought yet another album into the fold amid their already impressive discography. Buy and listen to it here.
While you're there be sure to check out the newest members in the "meet the guys" section, their tour schedule, photos and the latest news on the road and even how to book them for your own party!


"Acoustic Guitar Sessions" Presents Diego Figueiredo

Now you can see this wonderful artist in action as he takes you through a lightning fast performance of "One note Samba". He even sits for a minute to discuss his nails and filing technique! A self-described Classical and Jazz Guitarist Diego Figueiredo is a rising star sure to hypnotize you with his signature array of tone and dynamics. Watch it here.

Diego Figueiredo Releases "Broken Bossa"

Some people are simply born to be musicians. Diego Figueiredo proves once again he is the perfect example. His new album, Broken Bossa exemplifies what it means to take a familiar style into a new direction. Featuring other amazing artists such as Cyrille Aimée (vocals), Afonso Correa (percussion), and many more Broken Bossa is an album that's sure to soothe the soul as it redefines classic themes through new musical personalities. Read the full article on him here and listen to a sample of "Broken Bossa" here.

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