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The Trio of OZ

The Trio of OzLegendary drummer Omar Hakim from Weather Report, Sting, Miles Davis and David Bowie has teamed up with pianist extraordinaire Rachel Z; whose work with such artists as Wayne Shorter, Steps Ahead, and Peter Gabriel has earned her international recognition and acclaim from her peers and fans alike.

This exciting musical partnership features the tasteful virtuosity and sensitivity of these Grammy Award winning musicians as they take you on an exciting journey performing some of the most creative and unique arrangements of jazz standards and chart topping rock hits of the past 30 years.

Trio of OZ‘ musical presentation is built upon compositions by such artists as Duke Ellington, Depeche Mode, Wayne Shorter, Joni Mitchell, Judy Garland, Sting, Peter Gabriel, The Killers, Coldplay, Stone Temple Pilots, and Björk. These songs have been re-interpreted with imagination, a deep sense of groove and a rich harmonic soundscape that is a launch pad for creative improvisation deeply rooted in the tradition of Jazz.

audioTrio of OZ's"Lost" (mp3 sample)                                                                                                                                                 
audioTrio of OZ's "Det Tar Tid" (mp3 sample)

audio Trio of OZ's "Angry Chair"(mp3 sample)                

“When the heavyweights want an incredibly soulful groove, a rich drum sound, a creative part and a deep musical sensibility they call Omar Hakim.”
—William Miller
Modern Drummer Magazine

“Rachel Z's piano virtuosity is outstanding and passionate... She pioneers new territory in modern jazz!”
—Russ Elliot, Editor in Chief

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