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Chuchito Valdes

Chuchito Valdes

Chuchito Valdés, following in the footsteps of his famed father Chucho Valdés and grandfather Bebo Valdés, continues the legacy of great piano players form Cuba. 
With influences of Caribbean rhythms and jazz, Chuchito creates an exciting and energetic blend of spicy music that drives audiences wild.   This piano master captivates with his sensitivity and drives excitement with his dynamic band.

Chuchito has recorded and performed piano with the world renown Cuban band, Irakere, which he led for 2 years. He has also performed at festivals, clubs and concerts throughout the world: from Cuba and the Caribbean to North America, South America, and Europe.

Chuchito is recognized as a master of Cuban music including Son, Danzon, Cuban Timba and Guaguanco. He has also extensively studied classical music including harmony and composition.  His original compositions and arrangements draw on classical harmonic and  structural techniques. In his performances, Chuchito’s music draws on many styles including Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz, Bebop, Danzon, Cha-Cha-Cha, Son Montuno and much  more.  Chuchito Valdés currently resides in Cancun, Mexico and is a frequent performer in the United State and Canada.

“Chuchito Valdés displays the hell-bent intensity and daredevil technique of the elder Valdés-qualities recognized worldwide as hallmarks of Cuban Jazz.”
Neil Tesser / The Reader (Chicago’s Art & Culture Guide) and author of The Playboy Guide to Jazz

“He was fabulous, out of sight, best act of the festival….what can I say.  Think we will want him back for 4/16/11”
Carol Stone / Cape May Jazz Festival

“Home run! His Aspen legacy was burnished even more. I think he’s gotten better. Thanks!! Everyone left with heads shaking in amazement all shows. To be continued….”
Jim Horowitz / Jazz Aspen

“Keys of Latin Jazz”
2007 Latin Grammy Nominated Album
J & N Records / Sony

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Master Clinics
> Chuchito Valdes Master Clinic and Master Performance Syllabus (pdf)

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Video and Audio

Chuchito Valdes at The San Jose Jazz Fest

AudioChuchito Valdes’ “Version de Almendra” from Viva El Sonido Cubano (mp3 sample)

AudioChuchito Valdes’ “Guanco Montuno” from Viva El Sonido Cubano (mp3 sample)

AudioChuchito Valdes’ “Montuno a la Lecuona” from Viva El Sonido Cubano (mp3 sample)

Chuchito Valdes
                                Herencia“Bossa Parra Ti” from “Herencia” (J&N / Sony 2004) (mp3)

Chuchito Valdes
                                Herencia“Funky Cha Cha Cha” from “Herencia” (J&N / Sony 2004) (mp3)

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