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Mambo Legends Orchestra

The former musicians of the Tito Puente Orchestra have come together as the Mambo Legends Orchestra. The Mambo Legends Orchestra brings all of its incredible musicians together under their new name to bring their music to an international audience and to further explore the music which they have been masters of playing for over 30 years. The Mambo Legends Orchestra is led by John ‘Dandy’ Rodriguez, Mitch Frohman and musically directed by Jose Madera, each having spent over 25 years working with Tito Puente.

The focus of the band is driven by their dedication to keeping the sound of the 50’s and 60’s Palladium era music thriving and moving forward. MLO has successfully kept the sound of the Big 3 (Machito, Tito Rodriguez and Tito Puente) alive and well, while allowing for its progression by working with new musical concepts. John ‘Dandy’ Rodriguez spent over 30 years working with Tito Puente, also working with Tito Rodriguez and Ray Barretto. John went on to firm his successful ‘Tipica 73’ band in 1972, which he was with until 1979.

Following this he went back to work with Tito Puente, playing alongside him until the time of his death in May of 2000. Jose Madera spent 31 years working with Tito Puente. Mr. Madera also served as musical director of the Tito Puente Orchestra, also working with the legendary Fania records as a staff arranger from 1974 through 1983. Mr. Madera’s extensive discography includes “El Rey” from Tito Puente, “Tribute A Ismael Rivera” from Celia Cruz, and “Obra Maestro” from Tito Puente. Jose has worked with Larry Harlow, Johnny Pacheco, Chico O’Farill, Celia Cruz, Tito Rodriguez, Machito, Eddie Palmiere, Diana Ross, James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, and many more throughout the years.

Mitch Frohman spent 25 years working as the saxophone and flute soloist with the Tito Puente Orchestra. From 1988 to 1992 he was the saxophone and flute soloist with the Mongo Santamaria band. Mr. Frohman also worked extensively with Celia Cruz, La Lupe, Eddie and Charlie Palmieri, and many more amazing musicians. Tributo A Ismael Rivera from Celia Cruz, Live at Jazz Alley from Mongo Santamaria and United We Swing from the Spanish Harlem Orchestra are a few titles from his extensive discography, which includes five Grammy Award winners. Mitch was also the solo saxophonist on the opening score for the hit series Sex in the City. Mr. Frohman works on many projects including those performing with the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and leading The Bronx Horns.

The Mambo Legends Orchestra is comprised of musicians who not only have impressive careers, but overwhelming experience and talent. When musicians of their caliber are brought together the result is not only dynamic but groundbreaking. Transcending all boundaries they bring people together no matter their age, the language they speak or their background. Their music reaches out to everyone listening and brings them to a common ground where the excitement of this extremely well composed and played music is the tie that binds them. The music of the Mambo Legends Orchestra will not allow you to stand still.
It’s big band sound and rhythm beckon you to the dance floor, tempting you to move and sway!

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YouTube Videos

Mambo Legends Orchestra – “Cuero Na Ma” (Live 2009)

Mambo Legends Orchestra – “Blen Blen Medley” (Live 2009)

Mambo Legends Orchestra with special guest Frankie Figueroa – “Babarabatiri” (Live 2013)

Mambo Legends Orchestra at Lehman Center

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